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, Connecticut Post
To decarbonize CT by 2040, try renewable natural gas
Sarah Wall

With the ink barely dried on Connecticut’s 2022 legislative session, a few key issues clearly made legislators’ priority list — students’ mental health and combatting juvenile crime both…

De Blasio’s Gas Stove Ban Was Intended To Help the Environment. Experts Say It’ll Backfire.
Josiah Neeley

From The Washington Free Beacon:

The result could be the worst of both worlds: higher emissions for New York City and a lower standard of living for its most vulnerable citizens.

“You have to…

Radio: Could We Be Energy Independent By Tomorrow?
Philip Rossetti

From Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson:

Politicians, whether left or right, are calling for America to become energy independent following Russia’s invasion in Ukraine. And many are…

, Spectator World
Energy independence is a false hope
Jonathan Bydlak

In the wake of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, gasoline and energy prices soared in the United States. While they’ve come down a bit since, it’s worth examining why war in Eastern Europe caused a…

Healthy markets remedy energy and climate crises
Devin Hartman

Months before Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine, global oil and European natural gas markets were undergoing sharp price increases. Predictably, crisis escalation prompted calls for “fuel fixes”…

, RealClearPolicy
There Is No Silver Bullet for Energy Security
Philip Rossetti

In 1979, President Carter made his famous “crisis of confidence” speech, in which he implored Americans to hold fast against high gasoline prices and promised that renewable energy and…

The Defense Production Act is not a Get Out of Jail Free Card for Bad Energy Policy
Philip Rossetti

When all you have is a hammer, everything seems like a nail. This truism is again relevant as politicians try to combat high oil prices by considering using the Defense Production Act (DPA) to force…

, The American Spectator
Newsom’s Latest Gaslighting
Steven Greenhut

In a normally managed state, news of a ban on oil imports from Russia — and gas prices that are nailing local residents to the tune of $6 or more a gallon in some cities — would spur officials to…

, American Radio Journal
Radio: American Radio Journal, March 10
Philip Rossetti

From American Radio Journal:

Listen here.

Eric Boehm of Reason magazine talks with Philip Rossetti of the R Street Institute about how the Russian oil ban preserves American foreign policy…

Radio: Philip Rossetti Joins The Daily Edition March 8th
Philip Rossetti

From CanadaTalks SiriusXM 167:

CanadaTalks SiriusXM 167 · Philip Rossetti Joins The Daily Edition March 8th
Senior Fellow for Energy and Environment at The R Street Institute Philip Rossetti…

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