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, News4JAX
Watchdogs warn ‘hurricane tax’ could drive up insurance rates
Lars Powell

From News4JAX:
A new report suggests the average Florida family could see property insurance costs increase by as much as $319 a year under Biden’s recently announced tax plan.

, 1290 WJNO
Top Three Takeaways – September 15th, 2021
Lars Powell

From 1290 WJNO:

As though living through them isn’t taxing enough and as though paying the sky-high property and flood insurance rates we already pay in South Florida due to the risk of them…

, The Center Square
Biden ‘hurricane tax’ could boost Floridians’ property insurance by $300 each a year
Lars Powell & Jerry Theodorou

From The Center Square:

According to a 12-page analysis by the R Street Institute published last week, a provision of President Joe Biden’s proposed ‘Made in America Tax Plan’ (*MATP)…

, Florida Politics
Proposed ‘hurricane tax’ could hit Florida hard, topping $1.6B
Lars Powell & Jerry Theodorou

From Florida Politics:

A respected Washington think tank has just released a policy study that puts numbers to the concern: total insurance premium increases in Florida between $864 million and…

, Bermuda Re/insurance
Up to $20bn on insurance bills from Biden tax changes, says think tank
Lars Powell & Jerry Theodorou

From Bermuda Re/insurance:

Joe Biden’s administration’s planned global minimum tax (GMT) regime will increase the cost of insurance for US consumers by between $10.8 billion and $20.3bn a…

Hochul must veto burdensome insurance disclosure bill
Alan Smith

In June the state Legislature passed a bill that mandates extreme—and likely unattainable—disclosure requirements for those defending themselves in civil litigation. The disclosures do not exist…

, Capital Soup
Bermuda Reinsurers pay more than $400 Billion in Damages Since 1997
Lars Powell

From Capital Soup:

Under the new tax plan being considered, internationally based businesses, like Bermuda-based reinsurers who’ve paid out billions to cover damages, would face hefty tax…

, Washington Journal
Video: Natural Disasters and Insurance
Jerry Theodorou

From Washington Journal:

Comment on WSR 21-13-131, possible rule making on the temporary prohibition on use of credit history
Steven Greenhut

Dear Commissioner Kreidler,

I am the Western region director for the R Street Institute, which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, public policy organization based in Washington, D.C., and with a western…

Future of American Insurance & Reinsurance Newsletter – July 2021
Jerry Theodorou

From Future of American Insurance & Reinsurance:

Frank Nutter, president, Reinsurance Association of America (RAA), Jerry Theodorou, director of finance, insurance, and trade policy, R…

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