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R Street Testimony In Support of HB 388
Eli Lehrer & Marc Hyden

Written Testimony from:
Marc Hyden, Director of State Government Affairs, The R Street Institute
Eli Lehrer, President, The R Street Institute
In SUPPORT of HB 388, “A BILL To enact sections…

Vermont vs Louisiana – Insurance Regulations
R.J. Lehmann

From Robert Russell Companies:

For the fifth straight year, Vermont had the best insurance regulatory environment in the United States, according to the R Street Institute’s recently released…

, reason
California’s Wonky Insurance and Land Use Regulations Make the State’s Wildfires Deadlier and More Destructive
R.J. Lehmann

From reason:

“Ultimately there are people living in high-risk zones who cannot afford to bear the full risk of the places they’ve chosen to live,” says R.J. Lehmann, an insurance policy expert at…

, Insurance Journal
Some States Jumping the Gun on Predictive Modeling Review
R.J. Lehmann

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has started the process to produce a review guide for predictive models that could guide how state insurance departments oversee insurers use of…

, The American Spectator
Egalitarians Target Car Insurance
Steven Greenhut

Progressivism isn’t so much a destination as a journey. There’s no end goal, but rather a neverending process of seeking out disparities and grievances and then proposing “solutions” that…

, The Advocate
Guest column: Don’t listen to the lawyers, take tough action to curb car insurance costs
R.J. Lehmann & Marc Hyden

Louisiana’s voters have spoken and Jim Donelon has been returned to a fourth term as the state’s insurance commissioner. But that does not mean Louisiana consumers and businesses are satisfied…

, BestWire
La. Insurance Commissioner, Election Opponent Spar Over Auto Rates

From BestWire:
Temple also cited a survey from the R Street Institute, a Libertarian policy group, which puts Louisiana dead last in a survey of effective insurance markets.

, The Advocate
State insurance commissioner being challenged by insurance veteran

From The Advocate:
Temple points to the “F” grade given Louisiana’s insurance regulatory system in December by the R Street Institute Policy Study No. 163: 2018 Insurance Regulation Report…

, The Rough Notes Company
New Risk Technologies Force Review of Long-Standing Prohibitions

From the Rough Notes Company:
In the R Street Institute’s R Street Shorts No. 8, Ian Adams writes, “If giving away a service that is completely incidental to an insurance transaction is deemed…

, Insurance Journal
NAIC Innovation Panel Moves for Update of Anti-Rebating Model
R.J. Lehmann

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has taken the first step in what stands to be a more than yearlong process to update the rules states use to police impermissible “rebates”…