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Radio: Voter Freedom in Florida
Matt Germer

From The Bob Harden Show:

R Street’s Matt Germer discusses election laws and voter freedom in Florida on the Bob Harden Show.

, Tampa Bay Times
Florida Republicans should stand up for voter freedom
Matt Germer

Freedom is built into Florida’s very foundation. The preamble to Florida’s Constitution begins by thanking God for liberty, and the document protects it as a “basic right” immediately…

R Street Opposes Florida’s Attempt to Regulate Speech Online – SPB 7072
Jeffrey Westling

Chair and members of the committee:

The freedom of speech sits at the very core of American society, and any attempts to limit the ability for Americans to communicate and express their opinions…

With justice reform, don’t forget the small people
Marc Hyden

In Florida’s short legislative session, lawmakers are often bombarded with requests from powerful special interests and asked to grapple with the major headline-grabbing issues of the day, like the…

In Support of SB 274, “Juvenile Diversion Program Expunction.”
Camille Infantolino

Chairman and members of the committee:

My name is Camille Infantolino and I conduct civil liberties and criminal justice research for the R Street Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy…

Florida, it’s time to act: the prosecution and expungement of juveniles
Camille Infantolino

As Florida lawmakers work in Tallahassee during a 60-day legislative sprint, they’ll be faced with a slew of pressing priorities. Yet amidst the craze, improving Florida’s shameful record number…

Warner seeks answers from FBI, EPA on Florida water utility breach
Bryson Bort

From FCW:

Bryson Bort, a cybersecurity fellow at the R Street Institute, told FCW the problem of government systems using outdated operating systems, like the Oldsmar facility did, is probably…

In SUPPORT of SB 474, “AN ACT relating to Prosecuting Children as Adults.”
Camille Infantolino

Chair Brandes, Vice Chair Gibson, Sen. Baxley, Sen. Boyd, Sen. Bradley, Sen. Broxson, Sen. Mayfield, Sen. Polsky, Sen. Rodrigues, Sen. Rouson and Sen. Thurston:

Thank you for your time and…

Lye-poisoning attack in Florida shows cybersecurity gaps in water systems
Bryson Bort

From NBC:

Bryson Bort, a cybersecurity consultant who helped start ICS Village, a nonprofit that raises awareness of cybersecurity for industrial systems, said such a practice — setting up a…

In SUPPORT of HB 449, “Sale of Frozen or Mixed Alcoholic Beverages for Off-premises Consumption”
C. Jarrett Dieterle

Representative Overdorf:

Thank you for considering this testimony. The R Street Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy research organization. Our mission is to engage in policy…