, Insurance Journal
Florida’s Failing Insurers – Who’s Next?
Jerry Theodorou

Florida’s homeowners insurance market is in a perilous, precarious position. Florida has not been struck by a hurricane since 2018, yet there have been seven Florida insurer insolvencies in the…

, The Capitolist
Property insurance reserves vs. Chris Sprowl’s patience: which will run out first?
Jerry Theodorou

From The Capitolist:

Any residual resistance from Sprowls toward more drastic action right now can be directly laid at the feet of insurance company advocates who promised that last year’s…

Tampa Bay area state senator says property insurance crisis has far-reaching consequences
Jerry Theodorou

From Tampa Bay Business Journal:

Florida property insurance companies reported $117.5 in losses and expenses for every $100 in premiums received between 2016 and 2019, according to the R Street…

, The Capitolist
Here’s why Florida’s property insurance market is a dumpster fire
Jerry Theodorou

From The Capitolist:

On average, insurance companies across the nation pay out an average of $100.70 on every $100 of premiums they take in. While that may sound like a financial loser for the…

, Insurance Journal
Florida insurance market needs strong medicine
Jerry Theodorou

If the Florida homeowners’ insurance market were in a medical exam, the diagnosis would find the patient in dangerously poor condition. The patient’s vital signs—its financial results—are…

Testimony in opposition to an act relating to election administration
Matt Germer

Testimony from:
Matthew Germer, Elections Fellow, R Street Institute
In OPPOSITION to SB 524, “AN ACT relating to election administration.”
February 8, 2022
Speaker Sprowls, President…

In Support of Virginia House Joint Resolution 9: Giving Virginians the Chance to Make Felon Voting Rights Permanent
Sarah Wall

Testimony from:
Sarah Wall, Government Affairs Region Manager, Northeast & Mid-Atlantic Region, R Street Institute
In SUPPORT of House Joint Resolution 9 – Proposing an amendment to Section 1…

Diversion Options for Broward County
Lisel Petis

At one time, an officer’s job was well defined as law and order. Nowadays, officers are unrealistically required to be social workers, emergency medical technicians and counselors, in…

, The Dispatch
Kellogg’s, Christmas Cookies, and America’s Idiotic Sugar Policy
Clark Packard

From The Dispatch:

As R Street’s Clark Packard explains, sugar production in the United States has been particularly bad for Florida: “A substantial majority of phosphorus that ends up in the…

Expanded Citation Authority
Maya Szilak & Marc Hyden

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