Expanded Citation Authority
Maya Szilak & Marc Hyden

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, brownrudnick
Amicus Brief Filed in Florida Taxation-By-Citation Case Argues Against Abuse of Civil Fining Authority
Jillian Snider

From brownrudnick:

Washington, D.C. – International law firm Brown Rudnick LLP, R Street Institute, Roderick and Solange MacArthur Justice Center, Cato Institute, and American Civil…

, Cheddar
Video: NYC Imposes Vaccine Requirements as Florida Governor Crusades Against Mask, Vaccine Mandates
Chelsea Boyd

From Cheddar:

Chelsea Boyd, Research Fellow at Libertarian think tank R Street Institute, joined Wake Up With Cheddar to discuss New York becoming the first major U.S. city to institute…

Video: ‘The virus has a new target’: Florida COVID-19 hospitalizations quadruple in a month
Chelsea Boyd

From WFTV9:
“The delta variant is just extremely contagious and much more contagious than the previous variants that we’ve seen,” said Chelsea Boyd, an epidemiology and harm reduction expert…

, Miami Herald
One Florida county found the right way to keep youth out of the criminal justice system
Noella Sudbury

Juvenile courts handle approximately 750,000 delinquency cases each year in the United States, costing taxpayers millions of dollars. Many of these cases involve relatively minor offenses —…

, Washington Examiner
Ron DeSantis and Florida are going head-to-head with the cruise ship industry and the CDC
Ashley Nunes

From Washington Examiner:

“DeSantis and the cruise industry may seem like they are at odds, but in reality, they need one another. Floridians need jobs, and cruise operators who have been…

How can Florida continue to lead the future?
Jeffrey Westling

From The James Madison Institute:

Florida is a national leader in broadband infrastructure and deployment. The R Street Institute’s 2020 Broadband Scorecard grants the…

, The Bob Harden Show
Radio: Voter Freedom in Florida
Matt Germer

From The Bob Harden Show:

R Street’s Matt Germer discusses election laws and voter freedom in Florida on the Bob Harden Show.

, Tampa Bay Times
Florida Republicans should stand up for voter freedom
Matt Germer

Freedom is built into Florida’s very foundation. The preamble to Florida’s Constitution begins by thanking God for liberty, and the document protects it as a “basic right” immediately…

R Street Opposes Florida’s Attempt to Regulate Speech Online – SPB 7072
Jeffrey Westling

Chair and members of the committee:

The freedom of speech sits at the very core of American society, and any attempts to limit the ability for Americans to communicate and express their opinions…

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