Flood Insurance


, Insurance Journal
Reinsurance Could Protect Taxpayers From More NFIP Borrowing After Barry
R.J. Lehmann

The impending strike of Tropical Storm Barry on Southeast Louisiana, coming at a moment when the Mississippi River is cresting at heights not seen since 1927, has many fearing a replay of the…

, Brian Gongol Show
Flags don’t belong on shoes| Does flood insurance incentivize more damage?
R.J. Lehmann

From Brian Gongol Show:

Nike shouldn’t have had to back down from the Betsy Ross shoe, because they never should have made it in the first place. Also, an interview with RJ Lehmann of the R…

, Scientific American
Flood Insurance Program Increasingly Underwater as Payouts Shatter Records

From Scientific American:
“The most likely explanation is that you have more people in coastal flood zones, where you get storm surge,” said R.J. Lehmann, director of insurance at the…

Letter in SUPPORT of comprehensive NFIP reform
R.J. Lehmann

The Honorable Maxine Waters
House Financial Services Committee
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

The Honorable Patrick McHenry
Ranking Member
House Financial Services…

, Insurance Journal
Misguided Editorialists Try to Raise the Beach House Bailout from the Dead
R.J. Lehmann

Each time it has been trotted out on the public stage, the Beach House Bailout has died an ignominious death. Leave it to the necromancers on the Tampa Bay Times editorial board to try to raise this…

, Insurance Journal
Texas Moves Closer to Boosting Private Flood Market
R.J. Lehmann

The nation’s second-largest market for flood insurance may soon join more than a dozen other states in waiving requirements that insureds first search the admitted market before placing a private…

Letter to Texas Senate Commerce Committee: Support HB 1306
R.J. Lehmann

Members of the committee,

I write you on behalf of the R Street Institute in support of H.B. 1306, an act
relating to the provision of flood coverage under insurance policies issued by

, ClimateWire
CLIMATE IMPACTS: ‘This program is sick.’ Fight brews over flood insurance
R.J. Lehmann

From ClimateWire:

That received support from the conservative R Street Institute, which advocates for free markets. R.J. Lehmann, the institute’s director of insurance, praised Waters and said…

, Newsday
How 2020 revamp of federal flood insurance rates could affect you
R.J. Lehmann

From Newsday:

One ardent proponent is R.J. Lehmann of the R Street Institute, a Washington-based libertarian think tank. FEMA’s new risk-based model is desperately needed to adapt to climate…

, Government Technology
New Risk Rating System Will ‘Close Insurance Gap,’ FEMA Says
R.J. Lehmann

From Government Technology:

Ray Lehmann, director of finance, insurance and trade policy at the R Street Institute, said he is supportive of the approach that FEMA seems to be taking but has…