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Pollock participates in a discussion with Professor Mark H. Rose
Alex J. Pollock

R Street Distinguished Senior Fellow Alex J. Pollock took part in a March 27 panel at the American Enterprise Institute to discuss economic historian Mark Rose’s new book, “Market Rules:…

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Copy Sweden: Reduce government spending and prosper
Douglas Carr

Sweden has enviable attributes. For starters, The World Happiness Reportplaces Sweden seventh globally, far ahead of the U.S. (19th). For the five years through 2017, Sweden’s economy has…

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We can’t help feeling that we today are smarter
Alex J. Pollock

Martin Wolf is certainly correct that “further financial crises are inevitable” (March 20). Let me add one more reason why this is so — another procyclical factor rooted in human nature. This…

Over a century, which years were inflation-control champions and which booby-prize winners?
Alex J. Pollock

How much can the rate of inflation move around? A lot.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) began in 1913, the same year
the Federal Reserve was created. The CPI’s path over the 106 years since then…

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The Inescapably Political World of Banking and Finance
Alex J. Pollock

Banking always involves political economy,
as professor Mark Rose observes, or as we might more precisely say, political
finance. This is the central lesson of Rose’s Market…

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Finance and Philosophy: Why We’re Always Surprised
Alex J. Pollock

“Pollock tells us all we need to know about money and banking, risk and uncertainty, debt and temptation, and science and economics. He delights as he instructs.”―James Grant, founder and…

Government Debt: A Quiz
Alex J. Pollock

Government debt is a favored investment class all over the world, but it has a colorful history full of financial adventures. Often enough, historically speaking, it has resulted in investors gazing…

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The last time US unemployment got this low, the economy got weird
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From AEIdeas:
But what happens next? One should hope events play out today better than after that 1969 milestone. A Federal Reserve history of the 1970s described it as a “turbulent time” for…

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Knowledge, Risk, and the Surprised Banker: A Conversation with Alex Pollock
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From Law and Liberty’s LibertyLawTalk podcast:
Longtime Law and Liberty contributor Alex Pollock joins this edition of LibertyLawTalk to discuss his new book Finance and Philosophy.

Better late than never
Alex J. Pollock

September brought endless discussions of the 10th anniversary of the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and the failures of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Tomorrow, Oct. 3, brings the 10th anniversary of…