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, The Federalist Society
Money and the Constitution

From The Federalist Society:

R Street Fellow Alex Pollock appears at 1:06.
Money. We all use it, for exchange, for store of value, for identifying prices, and many other purposes and…

Why Did Isaac Newton Lose His Shirt in Financial Speculation? Author Alex Pollock Explains.

From Institute for New Economic Thinking:
In a conversation with the Institute for New Economic Thinking, author Alex J. Pollock explains why our flawed thinking leads us into financial and economic…

, Barron's
Given Enough Time
Alex J. Pollock

Randall W. Forsyth distorts Murphy’s celebrated law with a truncated version of it, writing “whatever can go wrong, will” (“Sometimes Things Can Go Right—and a Lot Did for the Stock Market…

, Law & Liberty
Actually, Sovereigns Do Go Broke
Alex J. Pollock

The ballooning debt of the United States government is an especially large and interesting case of sovereign debt. One chronicler of sovereign debt’s long, global, colorful history, Max Winkler,…

, Financial Times
Greenland gambit finds echo in US frontier deals
Alex J. Pollock

Theo Vermaelen’s ironic letter about the idea of purchasing Greenland (“Trump and Greenland: it’s a winner all around,” August 30) was fun, but ended with a serious point: “The current…

, Financial Times
The golden 2% has created the modern world
Alex J. Pollock

Of course Vaclav Smil is correct that Moore’s Law-type growth rates of 35 per cent per year will not go on forever, however astonishing the record so far (“Infinite growth is a pipe dream”,…

, Barron's
Power Struggle
Alex J. Pollock

To the Editor:
Discussing the tension between President Trump and Fed Chairman Powell, Steven Sears describes it as “this historically unusual relationship between two of the world’s most…

Book Review: Finance and Philosophy: why are we always surprised

From Housing Finance International:
For most people, including the readers of Housing Finance International the title of this book is perhaps not instantly engaging. It sounds “heavy” and in an…

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Skewering ‘the Pretense of Knowledge’ in the Financial Realm

From Law & Liberty:

Finance and Philosophy: Why We’re Always Surprised is a short, brilliant book. It is meant to be an easy read, and it is (except that footnotes and actual citations…

Europe’s populist and Brexit economic challenge

From AEI:

Europe’s political landscape is becoming much more challenging, as evidenced by the strong showing of populist parties in the recent European parliamentary elections and by the…