From American Enterprise Institute:

Rebel A. Cole, Lynn Eminent Scholar Chaired Professor of Finance, Florida Atlantic University
Gerald P. Dwyer, BB&T Scholar, Clemson University
Edward Kane, Professor, Boston College
Alex J. Pollock, Distinguished Senior Fellow, R Street Institute
Ehud I. Ronn, Professor, University of Texas at Austin
Richard Christopher Whalen, Chairman, Whalen Global Advisors LLC

Paul H. Kupiec, Resident Scholar, AEI

More than 60 countries and multinational organizations produce financial stability reports. All are political documents that rarely identify actual financial crises in advance, especially if risks arise from government-regulated institutions or are linked to government policies that promote financial excesses such as lax lending standards, over-stimulative monetary policy, or unsustainable exchange rates.

Financial activities believed to be fail-safe frequently are not. Successfully identifying the activities that result in disastrous losses before they materialize requires imagination, intuition, and luck. Statistical models rarely predict economic turning points.

Join AEI as six financial-sector experts use data, statistics, and their keen intuition and in-depth knowledge of our financial system to propose risks that could trigger the next financial crisis.

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