Cyber Threats


, SC Magazine
Telecom firms urge FCC flexibility as carriers replace Chinese equipment
Kathryn Waldron

From SC Magazine:

“We haven’t had an answer in the national conservation about what data constitutes [a] national security risk and part of the reason we don’t know is because we don’t…

Discerning the Rules: The application of international law to state cyberattacks
Gary Corn

From American Society of International Law:

Currently, the majority of state sponsored cyberattacks have involved low-profile interferences in foreign states’ affairs. They also take place…

, R Street Institute
Why is election security so important? RSI’s Kathryn Waldron discusses on C-Span.
Kathryn Waldron

From R Street Institute:

From making sure poll workers are properly trained to thoughts on paper ballots, R Street’s Kathryn Waldon discusses the importance of election security on C-Span.

, The Next Web
5 milestones that shaped 50 years of internet history
Megan Reiss

From The Next Web:

Reflecting on those past choices can help inform upcoming decisions – such as how international law should apply to cyberattacks, or whether and how to regulate artificial…

Cyber Threats on R-Street
Kathryn Waldron

From Battleground Florida with Christopher Heath:

, NYU School of Law
The Who, What, When, Where, Why of Cybercrime
Jim Baker

From NYU School of Law:

At this symposium, co-hosted by Third Way, NYU Law’s Center for Cybersecurity, and the Journal of National Security Law and Policy, experts discussed policy solutions…

, Bloomberg
Russian Apps Could Be ‘Counterintelligence Threat,’ FBI Says
Jim Baker

From Bloomberg:

People “are giving up a lot of information that could be useful to a foreign government if they want to target you or someone in the social network around you,” said Baker, who…

The Realities of Cyber Threats
Paul Rosenzweig

From Center on National Security:
VI: What is the larger definition of cyber threats that would prompt a need for cybersecurity in American society and the world’s liberal democracies? What…

, CQ Researcher
The 5G Revolution
Jim Baker

From CQ Researcher:

Cyber threats will “become increasingly existential,” says James Baker, former FBI general counsel and now director of national security and cybersecurity at the R Street…

, Newsy
Kathryn Waldron on Newsy’s The Why
Kathryn Waldron

From Newsy:

Kathryn Waldron discusses Russia and cybersecurity.