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One Year On: Biden’s executive order on cybersecurity is trying to make federal networks suck less
Mary Brooks

How do you measure the success of a cybersecurity executive order?
In deadlines issued—and made or missed? In new strategies, revised frameworks and new guidelines drafted? In an overall sense of…

, Inside Cybersecurity
Former stock-exchange security leader praises SEC proposal on cyber incident reporting
Mary Brooks

From Inside Cybersecurity:

The R Street Institute also submitted comments ahead of today’s deadline. The institute is “a nonprofit, nonpartisan, public policy research organization. Our mission…

, Defense News
Ukraine conflict heightens US military’s data privacy vulnerabilities
Brandon Pugh

Amid the artillery strikes and armored assaults, several quieter aspects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine require closer attention, including targeted phishing and malicious data mining.

, Cybersecurity Dive
State Department launches cyber bureau amid rising global tensions
Brandon Pugh

From Cybersecurity Dive:

The FBI and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency have worked closely with law enforcement and national cybersecurity agencies overseas to coordinate global…

Radio: How We Can Protect the US from Russian Cyberattacks
Tatyana Bolton

From Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson:

The White House is warning companies that Russia could launch cyberattacks against them. The R Street Institute’s Tatyana Bolton talks with Boyd…

, Federal News Network
From ‘partner’ to ‘regulatory enforcer’: CISA takes on complex cyber incident reporting mandate
Tatyana Bolton

But first CISA has to implement them through a federal rulemaking process. The law gives the agency 24 months to publish an initial notice laying out the rules, and then an additional 18 months to…

, The Washington Post
Experts are split on whether it’s okay for Ukrainians to hack Russia
Tatyana Bolton

From The Washington Post:

“Are they justified by the horrific war crimes that Russia is committing? Yes. Should we condone this behavior? That’s another story. It may feel great to clap back…

, Marketplace
White House warns companies of growing cyberattack risk
Tatyana Bolton

From Marketplace:

Remember how experts warned us for decades that the U.S. was not prepared for a pandemic? Then COVID-19 hit and … it turned out we were not prepared for a pandemic.


, The Washington Post
Biden warns U.S. companies to gird up against Russian hacks
Tatyana Bolton

From The Washington Post:

The warning also reflects a deep anxiety that companies that have girded their defenses against Russian hacking will let their guards down as the Ukraine conflict drags…

, The Hill
Another way to protect voting rights: Hack-proof our elections
Matt Germer

In his State of the Union address, President Joe Biden made a pitch once again for his failed voting reform bill, the “Freedom to Vote Act.” But there was a conspicuous lack of attention on…

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