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, The Bob Harden Show
Expanded School Choice in Florida Public Schools
Bryson Bort

From The Bob Harden Show:

Please join us for tomorrow’s show. We have terrific guests including Research Fellow from the Cato Institute, William Yeatman, and the Director of Health Studies at…

, Talk 107.3
Radio: Bryson Bort Talks Colonial Pipeline 5-12-21
Bryson Bort

From Talk 107.3:

Bryson Bort with R-Street joined the show to talk about the Colonial Pipeline and what the ransom ware attack means for the oil and gas industry.  It is being reported that…

IT vs OT: National Security Lessons from Colonial Pipeline
Mary Brooks

Americans have long feared a “Cyber Pearl Harbor:” the big, devastating kind of cyberattack that might fry a power grid during a cold winter, poison the water supply in Manhattan or blow up a…

Video: Wake of Solar Winds
Tatyana Bolton

From Industry CMMC Readiness Summit:

R Street’s Tatyana Bolton discusses the wake of Solar Winds at the Industry CMMC Readiness Summit.

, RSA Conference
Video: Ransomware and Critical Infrastructure: An Interview with Bryson Bort
Bryson Bort

From RSA Conference:

Tune in as Cecilia Marinier, RSA Conference Program Manager, interviews Bryson Bort, CEO of Scythe and Co-Founder of the ICS Village, about his RSAC 2020 talk in which he…

, E&E News
Pipeline hackers wear a ‘bull’s-eye.’ Will Biden act?
Paul Rosenzweig

From E&E News:

That approach can mean a combination of indictments, sanctions or naming-and-shaming campaigns to bring hackers to account. “Basically, the whole nine yards,” said Rosenzweig,…

, The Washington Post
The Cybersecurity 202: Nearly two-thirds of cybersecurity experts think Biden’s response to Russian hack is sufficient
Paul Rosenzweig

From The Washington Post:

NO: “It is a difficult balance, and I certainly appreciate the apparent thoughtfulness that went into the Biden response, but it was insufficiently punitive. The…

CISA issues third emergency directive since SolarWinds
Tatyana Bolton

From FCW:

Tatyana Bolton, a former CISA official and now policy director of the Cybersecurity and Emerging Threats program at the R Street Institute, said the uptick in directives is indicative of…

, SC Magazine
National infrastructure plan could strain CISA despite modernizing systems
Tatyana Bolton

From SC Magazine:

“Right now, the government is so significantly underfunded in cybersecurity that you have to start at least by putting some money behind it. Less than $2 billion for CISA and…

Authorities and Legal Considerations For Us Cyber and Information Operations in a Contested Environment
Gary Corn

Perhaps taking cues from Russia, it appears China is upping the ante on its use of cyber as an aggressive tool of statecraft. Just as Russia has used Ukraine and Georgia as testbeds for its…