Apple Declines DOJ Request To Unlock Pensacola Gunman’s Phones
Jim Baker

From NPR:

R Street Institute’s Jim Baker discusses Congress’s role in deciding if law enforcement should get more access to phones.

Listen here.

, Washington Examiner
‘Enormous power grab’: Business groups bash Commerce Department supply-chain security proposal
Kathryn Waldron

From Washington Examiner:

Kathryn Waldron, a national security fellow at the R Street Institute, a libertarian think tank, said that another concern with the proposal is that companies could…

, Hewlett Foundation
Cybersecurity Experts Comment on Conflict with Iran
Jim Baker & Kathryn Waldron & Kristen Nyman

From Hewlett Foundation:

I Am The Cavalry co-founder Beau Woods explained to Vox what cyber targets Tehran might be circling while Aspen Tech Policy Hub Director Betsy Cooper spoke to The…

, Air Force Magazine
Cyberattacks Only One of Iran’s Options for Retaliation
Jim Baker

From Air Force Magazine:

Iran also still has proxy forces like Hezbollah and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, noted Jim Baker, a former senior FBI official who now directs national security and…

, LA Times
Bombs are no longer falling, but brace yourself for Iranian cyberattacks
Paul Rosenzweig

Iranian bombs aimed at U.S. assets have stopped falling, at least for now. But even if the kinetic war is actually over, that does not mean our conflict with Iran is at an end. Indeed, it’s likely…

, The Washington Post
FBI asks Apple for help cracking Pensacola gunman’s iPhones
Jim Baker

From The Washington Post:

James Baker, who served as the FBI’s general counsel during the encryption battle over the San Bernardino phone, said there are definite similarities to the new case,…

, Lawfare
The NDAA Pushes Forward on Cyber Metrics
Paul Rosenzweig

Cybersecurity is an art, not a science—or so it seems today. I have been interested for some time in how to change that. At least to me, the key seems to be the development of a system of…

, CyberInsecurity News
In The House Cybersecurity Working Group Webcast Featuring Paul Rosenzweig
Paul Rosenzweig

From CyberInsecurity News:

How do you measure cybersecurity? Right now, the answer is pretty clear. Nobody knows. But Paul Rosenzweig is on the case. And he’s convinced that if we figure…

, NYU School of Law
The Who, What, When, Where, Why of Cybercrime
Jim Baker

From NYU School of Law:

At this symposium, co-hosted by Third Way, NYU Law’s Center for Cybersecurity, and the Journal of National Security Law and Policy, experts discussed policy solutions…

, Medium
Does Edward Snowden Have Regrets?
Paul Rosenzweig

From Medium:

ACLU Director Ben Wizner credits him with launching “a meaningful debate about the appropriate limits of government surveillance authority”, and Paul Rosenzweig of the…