, StateScoop
How state and local governments can prepare for ransomware
Franklin Lee

Over the past few months, ransomware attacks abounded, ranging from the Colonial pipeline, the meat industry and, most recently, the software vendor Kaseya. State and local organizations —…

, The Daily Beast
Biden Warns a ‘Real Shooting War’ Could Come From Cyber Breach
Paul Rosenzweig

From The Daily Beast:

“To take but one extreme example, I have no doubt that if a Russian military unit used a cyber method to destroy the Hoover Dam, we would see that act as no different than…

, USA Today
Jan. 6 committee, which aims to find out who organized and funded Capitol insurrection, holds first public hearing
Paul Rosenzweig

From USA Today:
Paul Rosenzwieg, former Department of Homeland Security official and founder of Red Branch Consulting, said there is much to learn about inadequate intelligence-gathering before the…

, CybersecurityDive
Biden administration readies 3 initiatives to curb ransomware
Bryson Bort

From CybersecurityDive:

In May, Biden released the cyber executive order, though critics say the order did not define the role of government in protecting critical infrastructure well enough,…

, Atlantic Council
The 5×5—If it blinks, it sinks: Adventures in securing operational technology
Bryson Bort

From Atlantic Council:
#1 What is the most common misconception about solutions for OT security?
Andy Bochman, nonresident senior fellow, Global Energy Center; senior grid strategist, national…

Reframing the Crypto Wars
Kathryn Waldron & Sofia Lesmes


For the past several decades, policymakers, law enforcement, private companies, civil liberties advocates and cybersecurity specialists have been locked in a passionate yet seemingly…

What are the Crypto Wars?
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (June 21, 2021)—In June 2020 the Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act was introduced, which could compel companies to assist governments by breaking their own encryption. This led some to…

After Naming China as the Culprit Behind the Microsoft Exchange Hack, the U.S. Must Now Take Action
Ann Phelan

In response to the United States and its allies formally attributing the Microsoft Exchange hack to a group of hackers affiliated with China’s Ministry of State Security, R Street Institute…

, The News-Gazette
What you need to know about cybersecurity: ‘Expect a future where a computer doesn’t just connect you, but can also be a weapon’
Paul Rosenzweig

From The News-Gazette:

Says Red Branch Consulting founder and former Homeland Security official PAUL ROSENZWEIG, author of ‘Cyber Warfare: How Conflicts in Cyberspace are Challenging America and…

, Morning Consult
Tech Events Calendar – July 2021
Tatyana Bolton

From Morning Consult:

R Street Institute event: Cyber 101: The Money Event
2:30 pm

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