, E&E News
How hacking threats spurred secret U.S. blacklist
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From E&E News:

“Up until now, there really hasn’t been an overarching strategy,” said Kathryn Waldron, national security and cybersecurity research associate at the right-of-center R Street…

Broadening the Lens on Supply Chain Security in the Cyber Domain
Kathryn Waldron & Paul Rosenzweig

“America does not–and, indeed, should not — seek independence in an interconnected world, but we do seek supply chain assurance — the certainty that raw materials and manufactured components that…

, Cyberscoop
An attempted password crack was enough for a U.S. indictment against Julian Assange
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From Cyberscoop:

Assange’s acknowledgement that he tried to crack the password, thus participating in illegal activity, is enough to charge him with a CFAA violation for which he could face…

, The Washington Examiner
US spies: Assange faces slew of extra charges and life in prison
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From The Washington Examiner:

Arthur Rizer, a former federal prosecutor and U.S. Army veteran, described Assange as an “information terrorist” and “intelligence mobster.” He…

, The Los Angeles Times
WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange faces U.S. computer-hacking charge after arrest in London
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From The Los Angeles Times:

Paul Rosenzweig, a cybercrime expert and former Homeland Security official, said prosecutors have charged Assange with violating a 1984 cybersecurity law called the…

Why the Charge Against Julian Assange Makes No Mention of Espionage or 2016 Russian Hacking Play Video
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From TIME:

Conspiracy to commit computer intrusion, which violates the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, is the “meat and potatoes” in the world of computer crime, says Paul Rosenzweig, who…

, Cheddar
Paul Rosenzweig on Cheddar on Julian Assange’s Arrest
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R Street’s Paul Rosenzweig discusses the implications of Julian Assange’s arrest on Cheddar

, The Washington Post
The Cybersecurity 202: Nielsen departure could deal a blow to Trump administration’s cybersecurity efforts
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From The Washington Post:

“Bossert, Joyce, and now Nielsen,” Paul Rosenzweig, a former top DHS policy official, told me. “I am sure the professional staff will continue to do their level…

Nationalization: The answer on 5G — or just evidence of US flailing in the face of the China challenge?
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From AEI:

Former FBI General Counsel James Baker took a different tack in dissenting from the Gingrich proposal: He challenged the viability and security of an open-access, small…

, Real Clear Defense
The New Contours of Cyber Conflict
Paul Rosenzweig

An American military unit used offensive weapons against a target inside Russia. And nobody is noticing.

Let that sink in for a second. As the country (understandably) focuses on matters like…