, Governing
The Care States Need to Take with Contact Tracing Apps
Kathryn Waldron

When smartphone contact tracing apps were first rolled out to combat COVID-19, many state and federal officials latched onto the idea as a way to protect public health while still allowing states to…

, Atlantic Council
Baseball and cybersecurity: Stealing insights from America’s pastime
Paul Rosenzweig

From Atlantic Council:

Paul Rosenzweig, resident senior fellow, national security & cybersecurity, R Street; founder, Red Branch Consulting: “The lack of statistics. We don’t collect…

, Criminal Legal News
Office of Homeland Security Circumventing Warrant Requirement by Buying Cellphone Location Data from Marketing Firm
Paul Rosenzweig

From Criminal Legal News:

Since this data is anonymized and commercially available, government lawyers have argued that Carpenter doesn’t apply…. “In this case, the government is a…

, Lawfare
The Ayabmuk World
Paul Rosenzweig

A Review of “Burn-In: A Novel of the Real Robotic Future” by P.W. Singer & August Cole (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2020).
* * *
On the day I picked up my advance copy of “Burn-In,” P.W….

, R Street Institute
Event: Digital Identity and CARES 2.0
Paul Rosenzweig & Bryson Bort

From R Street Institute:

In an era when face-to-face transactions have been replaced by ones online, identity becomes critical. So many services—in banking, healthcare, government and…

, The National Interest
The FBI Can Already Crack Terrorists’ Phones—So Why Does It Want a Back Door?
Jim Baker

From The National Interest:

A panel discussion on the report raised two additional points worth mentioning in this context. First, while the working group acknowledged that creating a secure…

, Lawfare
Assessing Cyber Risk From External Information
Paul Rosenzweig

There is a vision for the future of assessing cybersecurity: The goal is a system of cyber metrics that are transparent, auditable, practical, scalable and widely agreed upon. To that end, it is…

Event Summary: EARN IT Act and Its Broader Implications for Encryption and Cybersecurity
Corinne Day & Jim Baker

On Tuesday, April 28, the R Street Institute hosted a discussion between Michael Chertoff, former secretary of Homeland Security, and Jim Baker, former general counsel of the FBI and R Street…

, The Hill
Experts worry US elections even more vulnerable with COVID-19
Paul Rosenzweig

From The Hill:

Paul Rosenzweig, a resident senior fellow for national security and cybersecurity at nonprofit group the R Street Institute, told The Hill he also was concerned the pandemic could…

Ensuring Safe Elections
Paul Rosenzweig

First, what Congress has provided so far is not enough to run safe and secure elections in 2020. Our review shows that the March 27 grants will likely cover anywhere from less than 10 percent of what…