, Lawfare
Covert Deception, Strategic Fraud, and the Rule of Prohibited Intervention
Gary Corn

If information is power, then the corruption of information is the erosion, if not the outright usurpation, of power. This is especially true in the information age, where developments in the…

From Reaction to Action: Adopting a Competitive Posture in Cyber Diplomacy
Gary Corn

From Texas National Security Review:

Gary Corn considers this range of positions “prima facie evidence of the unsettled nature of the question.”85 The United States needs to seize the…

Huawei and National Security: Lessons for 6G
Kathryn Waldron

The presence of Huawei equipment in the global 5G supply chain presents a potential threat to American national security as, without legitimate checks on the power of the Chinese Communist Party,…

, Forbes
Cybersecurity Talent Gaps Are Bigger Than We Thought—And Here’s How To Solve Them
Bryson Bort

From Forbes:

Thinking outside the box, the ICS Village, with The Wilson Center’s Science and Technology Innovation Program (STIP), Cyber Bytes Foundation, and R Street Institute, sponsored a…

Cyber Operations and the Imperfect Art of “Translating” the Law of War to New Technologies
Gary Corn

Since the inception of combat as an organized endeavor, humans have innovated new means and methods of warfare to gain advantage over their adversaries. Some of these innovations have been subtle….

, Lawfare
The Law and Policy of Client-Side Scanning
Paul Rosenzweig

In recent years, two unfortunate trends have converged in cybersecurity—the growth of child pornography distributed online and the proliferation of encryption systems that enable the distribution…

, The Hill
Election security advocates see strong ally in Harris
Paul Rosenzweig

From The Hill:

Paul Rosenzweig, former deputy assistant secretary for policy at the Department of Homeland Security during the George W. Bush administration, said he could see Biden making Harris…

, The Pete Kaliner Show
Podcast: Are COVID tracing apps safe? Plus – school choice is booming in NC
Kathryn Waldron

From The Pete Kaliner Show:

How safe is your data with those contact tracing apps that are being developed to help respond to COVID-19? Kathryn Waldron from the R Street Institute joins me…

Video: Cybersecurity: Old and New Problems and the Way Forward
Paul Rosenzweig

From Foreign Policy Research Institute:

The relationship between national security and cybersecurity is ever-changing and complicated. It is a priority for the United States to identify…

, Axios
Hong Kong’s plight shows why strong encryption matters
Jim Baker

From Axios:

“It is time for governmental authorities — including law enforcement — to embrace encryption because it is one of the few mechanisms that the United States and its allies can use…