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SolarWinds Is Bad, but Retreat From Defend Forward Would Be Worse
Gary Corn

The SolarWinds breach has kicked up a lot of dust. It’s thick, obscuring and deeply concerning. It’s also a long way from settling. But that hasn’t slowed the quick and steady drumbeat of…

, Business Insider
Here’s how Biden’s response to the SolarWinds attacks will reshape the $135 billion cybersecurity industry for years, according to some of the most prominent names in the industry
Bryson Bort

From Business Insider:

To stay ahead of the Russians and other threat-actors, the government must innovate, and that means connecting more with small companies, says Bryson Bort, CEO of Scythe….

CISA: Hackers access to federal networks without SolarWinds
Tatyana Bolton

From FCW:

Tatyana Bolton, a cybersecurity expert at the R Street Institute, said the news of new vectors and vulnerabilities is “unsurprising” and that more will likely be found because of “how…

, Business Insider
Top federal cybersecurity experts explain why the SolarWinds cyberattack is such a big deal – and why it’s too soon to declare cyberwar
Bryson Bort

From Business Insider:

“The reason everyone is so upset is that the price to the private sector is going to be huge,” says Bryson Bort, CEO of Scythe, a special advisor to the Cybersecurity and…

Event Summary: Are zero trust networks the answer to creating a cyber-secure America?
Tatyana Bolton

Event Summary: 

On Friday, December 4, the R Street Institute hosted a panel on zero trust networks, encryption and how to create a cyber secure America. R Street’s Cybersecurity and…

, The Record
‘More of an Art Than a Science:’ Behind the Government’s Effort To Measure Cybersecurity
Paul Rosenzweig

From The Record:

“There’s no generally accepted, widely usable, scaleable, transparent way to measure cybersecurity,” said Paul Rosenzweig, a former Department of Homeland Security deputy…

, C4isr Net
Which NDAA cyber provisions have the most impact for DoD?
Gary Corn

From C4isr Net:

Also on the operations front, Gary Corn, formerly the staff judge advocate at Cyber Command and now a senior fellow of cybersecurity and emerging threats at the R Street Institute,…

Assessing President Trump’s Legacy of Cyber Confusion
Tatyana Bolton

From Council on Foreign Relations:

CISA, the wing of the Department of Homeland Security focused on cyber issues, became more powerful and established, leading some to wonder if it should be…

, Inside Cybersecurity
Think tanks, universities sign onto pledge to make cyber-focused events more diverse
Tatyana Bolton

From Inside Cybersecurity:

The R Street Institute is putting together a coalition of think tanks and universities to support increasing diversity at cyber-focused events and conferences, with…

Incoming Biden administration must act fast to prevent another SolarWinds cyber-attack and repair untold damage already done
Ann Phelan

While we do not yet know the extent of the damage done, the SolarWinds cyber-attack is a sobering reminder that bad actors are actively at work against the United States. Now more than ever, it is…