, Louisiana Democrats
Louisiana Democratic Party Endorses Gwen Collins-Greenup for Louisiana Secretary of State
Paul Rosenzweig

From Louisiana Democrats:
A report from the Brennan Center, Alliance for Securing Democracy, R Street Institute and Pitt Cyber found that Louisiana still hasn’t addressed critical cybersecurity…

, StateTech
State Election Infrastructure Is Still Vulnerable, Report Finds
Paul Rosenzweig

From StateTech:

According to a recent report, “Defending Elections: Federal Funding Needs for State Election Security,” many election security projects at the state level are either unfunded…

, Brennan Center
Voting Machine Security: Where We Stand Six Months Before the New Hampshire Primary
Paul Rosenzweig

From Brennan Center:

Christopher Deluzio, Liz Howard, Paul Rosenzweig, David Salvo, and Rachael Dean Wilson,  Defending Elections: Federal Funding Needs for State Election Security, University…

, Today's General Counsel
Initiative Will Explore Whether Cybersecurity is Art or Science
Paul Rosenzweig

From Today’s General Counsel:

Paul Rosenzweig, formerly Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy in the Department of Homeland Security and founder of a homeland security consulting company, observes…

, The Voting News
The Voting News
Jim Baker

From The Voting News:

Epstein co-authored an election security report with Common Cause, the National Election Defense Council, and the R Street Institute, “Email and Internet Voting: The…

, Lawfare
Preliminary Observations on the Utility of Measuring Cybersecurity
Paul Rosenzweig

Cybersecurity is a bit like obscenity. It seems that we know it when we see it, but we have a great deal of difficulty describing it, categorizing it or counting it. Much as with obscenity, there are…

, Reuters
Rising calls for impeachment may not alter House Democrats’ course
Paul Rosenzweig

From Reuters:

“Impeachment does not require a vote of the House. They could have a hearing for consideration of an opening of an impeachment inquiry,” said Paul Rosenzweig, a senior fellow at…

, ABC News 9
Mueller hearings, Senate report shine spotlight on election security vulnerabilities
Jim Baker & Paul Rosenzweig

From ABC News 9:

A report, co-authored by Deluzio, released last week by the Brennan Center for Justice, the Alliance for Securing Democracy, the R Street Institute, and the University of…

Securing Democracy Dispatch
Paul Rosenzweig

From Alliance for Securing Democracy:
States need additional federal funding to address election security vulnerabilities, according to a report co-authored by ASD Deputy Director David Salvo and…