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Women of Power Tech – Innovation: Building a Better Mousetrap

When: Oct 28, 2021 1:10 PM ET
Where: Virtual


The word “innovative” has become so overused that at times it can seem meaningless. But these women are the real deal. They’re out there improving products, services, and processes—and changing the game in the process.

About the conference:

We launched Women of Power TECH last year as our inaugural virtual conference, with sessions, workshops, and coaching designed to help you identify new trends and gain the digital upskilling necessary to advance across an array of tech-driven industries. This year, we’re back with two days of learning and insight to help you innovate and execute in the post-pandemic workforce. You’ll find explorations of where the opportunities are now, like fintech, data, and cybersecurity. Plus, we’ll tackle the tough questions we’ve all been wrestling with about our lack of representation in the industry and the disparities in VC funding to help us move forward with solutions. And it wouldn’t be a Women of Power event without the candid sharing from inspiring women, blessing us with their keys on how they found success and their strategic advice for how you can too. Don’t miss your chance to virtually connect with some of today’s most successful business influencers and gain direct access to major corporations eager to recruit women of color for E-suite positions. Whether you’re a rising executive or a fearless founder, come to Women of Power TECH and elevate your network, your career, or your business!

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