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Wild West Hacking Fest (WWHF)

Join R Street’s Bryson Bort at WWHF.

It’s 4:45pm in the office (remember when that was a thing?). On a Friday. Almost time for the weekend! Your mind turns to your plans. An evening of Glam hosted by Alyssa Miller tonight. Catch up on that episode of Cooking with Bryson with Dave Kennedy, you are definitely going to try to make Dave’s Famous Wings on Saturday. Then, an online Zoom meet up with friends to play Backdoors and Breaches. John Strand promised he’d be the DM! And Sunday morning, well, absolutely nothing, you plan to sleep until the afternoon.

Then the phone rings. Do you answer it?

And so begins your adventure! An educational, fun, and humorous opportunity to learn about different aspects of incident response where YOU choose what happens next!

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