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We’re all libertarians in this crisis, actually

We’re all currently in the midst of self-isolation but that won’t stop the Adam Smith Institute holding governments to account for their responses to COVID-19.

In our second ASI Webinar we will be discussing the oft-repeated phrase by socialists and communitarians, that liberalism and libertarianism are at an end due to this public health crisis.

We disagree. Our fiscal and political response should match the sole imperative of government to prioritise saving their citizens from harm. Regulations are already being pared back or suspended across the world, and many people are crying out for their liberties to return as soon as possible. This crisis proves that liberalism has a bright future. Neoliberal ideas provide the right answers to issues as they emerge and a blueprint for what should be done after.

The numbers in the webinar are limited on a first-come basis. We will also live stream it on Facebook. It will also be possible to rewatch it after the event.


Matthew Kilcoyne (Deputy Director of the Adam Smith Institute)

Shoshana Weissmann is the Head of Digital Media at the R Street Institute & policy fellow focusing on occupational licensing reform, the Supreme Court of the United States, and social media regulation.

Steven Hamilton is an Assistant Professor of Economics at George Washington University and a Visiting Scholar at the Tax and Transfer Policy Institute at the Australian National University. Steven has been instrumental in explaining the need for governments to pare down economic activity during the pandemic, but also fill the gap businesses are experiencing in revenues due to a contraction in demand and restrictions on supply.

Madeline Grant is Assistant Comment Editor at the Daily Telegraph and a Sunday Telegraph columnist.

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