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Transportation Reform for the Postal Service

The Postal Service has experienced ongoing financial losses in recent years. In the agency’s first financial quarter of 2020, the agency spent over $700 million more than it took in. But losses aren’t USPS’ only problem. In a year where conversation in Washington has repeatedly turned back to transportation and infrastructure, America’s mail shipping company is faced with its own transportation and infrastructure challenges. The postal service will benefit from improved automated vehicles, better-managed highways, and pilots in more-granular curb management that will be part of any broad-based infrastructure reauthorization [S 2302]. It needs to buy new trucks, but doesn’t expect to have the funds to buy them. One proposal, HR 2337, currently before Congress would require the new mail truck fleet meet certain environmental standards.

To that end, R Street has organized a panel to discuss how current legislation could alter the Postal Service’s trajectory as a public shipping company. We will consider the prospects of funding a new mail truck fleet, how the agency can get the most out of the vehicles when they arrive, and what other transportation changes the postal service could be forced to reckon with once surface transportation reauthorization passes.


Jonathan Bydlak, The R Street Institute

Ross Marchand, Taxpayers Protection Alliance

Nick Zaiac, Fellow in Commercial Freedom, R Street Institute

Lunch will be provided while supplies last

We apologize, but this event has been changed to be livstreamed due to Coronavirus concerns. You can access the livestream here.


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