Time8:30AM10:30AM EST LocationHoover Institution, 1399 New York Avenue, NW Suite 500, Washington, DC, DC, 20005
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The Constitutional Congress: The First Branch and First Principles

A Conversation with Senator Chuck Grassley

Since his election to the House of Representatives in 1974, and then to the Senate in 1980, Senator Chuck Grassley has been a leading voice for Congress maintaining its constitutional role as our national government’s “first branch.”

Last year, for example, he urged that the shift of power from Congress to agencies “has weakened our system of checks and balances and created a recipe for regulatory overreach. The Constitution’s separation of powers makes clear that it is the responsibility of Congress, as the People’s representative, to make the law.”

On April 25, Senator Grassley will visit the Hoover Institution in Washington, D.C., for a conversation with research fellow Adam White. Senator Grassley will offer some thoughts on the Senate’s proper powers and responsibilities, especially in light of Senator Grassley’s decades of public service in legislation, nominations, and oversight.”

Following this conversation with Senator Grassley, we will be joined by three scholars for further discussion of the modern Congress: Kevin Kosar (R Street Institute), Yuval Levin (National Affairs), and Molly Reynolds (Brookings Institution).

This event is part of the Hoover Institution’s monthly discussion series: Opening Arguments-Conversations on American Constitutionalism.

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Chuck Grassley is a United States Senator, representing the State of Iowa.

Adam White is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution.

Yuval Levin is vice president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center and editor of National Affairs magazine

Kevin Kosar is vice president of policy for the R Street Institute

Molly Reynolds is a fellow in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution.


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