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Resolution for Discussion: Occupational Licensing Benefits Elites and Hurts Workers

R Street’s Shoshanna Weissmann will be speaking at the Cornell Political Union on occupational licensing reform. The debate format is as follows:


1. First, a guest speaker delivers a 30-minute talk in which he or she takes a stance on a contentious political issue or gives an overview of the most important conversations being had on a political topic.

2. Following the talk, the guest speaker entertains questions from the audience. After the question and answer period, the Cornell Political Union hosts a 45-minute audience debate, which is moderated by the Union’s president to ensure that a wide variety of voices is heard.

3. Once debate concludes, the audience votes to affirm or reject the guest speaker’s argument.

4. The Union then publishes a resolution stating the outcome of the vote, describing the reasoning that led the audience to its decision, and detailing the arguments articulated by the guest speaker.

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