Time3:00PM4:00PM EST
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Promoting Healthcare Access, Affordability, and Autonomy: What States Can Do

When: January 25, 3:00-4:00pm ET
Where: Zoom webinar

Moderator: Naomi Lopez-Bauman, Director of Healthcare Policy, Goldwater Institute



The state of healthcare in America receives bipartisan criticism, but the proposed solutions to increase access, affordability and autonomy are often divided down party lines. Now, we’ve seen how the COVID-19 pandemic served as a stress test for our healthcare system in general; access to medical care was threatened, and many lawmakers and governors rushed to issue reform measures that would help citizens receive the care they need while navigating the pandemic. Fortunately, many of these temporary measures were free market, deregulatory measures that worked. As we move forward, it is time to examine how states can permanently improve health care for citizens. Join our panel as we discuss what states can do to improve access, affordability and autonomy in healthcare.


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