Time6:00PM4:00PM EST LocationConrad, 950 New York Avenue Northwest, Washington, D.C., 20001
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Principles First Summit: Preserving America’s Institutions

Issues: Governance

2023 Agenda

The 2023 Summit’s theme is Preserving American Institutions — Enduring institutions like the courts, capitalism, our education system, and free and fair elections are under attack from post-liberals. We are here to defend Madison’s vision and all of our sessions will be focused on the wisdom of classical liberalism. We are bringing together principled thinkers from the academy, elected members of Congress, and our sharpest thought leaders from across country over three days to discuss these current challenges facing the United States and the conservative movement and to articulate the principles that ought to shape both.

Featured Speakers

Eli Lehrer, President, R Street Institute (Bio.)

James Wallner, Resident Senior Fellow, R Street Institute (Bio.)