Time12:00PM2:00PM EST LocationTop of the Hill Banquet & Conference Center, Fifth Floor Ballroom, 1 Constitution Avenue Northeast, Washington, DC, 20002
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Online Content Moderation: Government vs. Private-Sector Solutions

Keynote Featuring

Ashkhen Kazaryan, Senior Fellow, Free Speech & Peace, Stand Together

Panel Featuring

[Moderator] Brent M. Eastwood, Fellow, Technology and Innovation, R Street Institute

Jennifer Huddleston, Research Fellow, Technology Policy, Cato Institute

Paul A. Gowder, Professor of Law, Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law

Shannon C. McGregor, Principal Investigator, Center for Information, Technology, and Public Life


A recent survey by the Pew Research Center shows that Americans are almost evenly divided on how online content should be moderated: about half say the government should have a role in restricting false information, while over 40 percent say free speech should be protected—even if false information is published.

Join us for a spirited debate examining government and free-market solutions to online content moderation.

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