Time11:00AM1:00PM EST Location1212 New York Ave NW, 6th Floor Conference Room, Washington, DC, 20005
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Juvenile Justice Roundtable: Addressing Serious and Violent Youth Offenses

While notable juvenile justice reform has recently taken place, policy solutions have neglected youth charged with violent offenses. Instead, we funnel them into the adult system or lock them into youth prisons that we know do not work. These children — like all children — deserve a rehabilitative approach that holds them accountable in a manner that promotes personal growth and transformation.

By hosting a working roundtable, we will provide a space for policy experts to discuss critical questions regarding how the justice system treats young people accused of serious or violent crimes. We hope these discussions will shed light on an often-overlooked population of youth and identify ways to move the policy conversation forward.

Moreover, by opening up this working roundtable to the public, we hope to encourage others who are working in, or are personally affected by, the criminal or youth justice system to listen, learn, and then engage in the broader dialogue through a facilitated question-and-answer session with the policy experts.

A light lunch and refreshments will be provided for all those attending the event.

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