Time4:00PM5:00PM EST Location1201 15th Street, NW, The National Housing Center, Washington, DC, 20005
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IREC Vision Summit

Join IREC for a visionary exploration of the pillar policies, practices and workforce training necessary to enable millions more Americans to benefit from clean energy.

Prominent national and state clean energy influencers will lead thought-provoking expert panels and targeted outcome-driven discussions at this day-long event tailored for energy decision makers, advocates and educators.

R Street’s Travis Kavulla will be presenting for “Leading the Transition: Forward focused, what are the next steps toward policies and cultural changes necessary to achieve 100% Clean Energy? What resources and support do decision makers need? What strategies are most effective for scaling clean energy solutions across diverse jurisdictions? Where do market-based solutions work and not work? Who else needs to be a part of the conversation to garner the greatest buy-in?”

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