Time12:00PM1:00PM EST
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Government Accountability: Steps for the 117th Congress

Issues: Governance

When: March 9, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm ET
Where: Virtual




Among many, there is a sense that government accountability is decreasing. Opaque budgets, increasing debt and limited transparency have only contributed to the disillusionment. Congress—often seen as distracted and willing to cede much of its power to the executive branch—usually bears much of the blame.

What can Congress do to improve government accountability? Given the current political makeup of Congress and the White House, what pragmatic and bipartisan steps can lawmakers take in the 117th Congress?

Join us as we discuss the problems of an unaccountable government and reasonable (and bipartisan) ways Congress can turn the tide.


Additional Reading

  • R Street Institute, “Steps Congress can Take to Reassert its War, Spending and Emergency Powers in the 117th Congress”. Link here.
  • Open the Government, “Accountability 2021: Recommendations for restoring accountability in the federal government”. Link here.
  • National Taxpayers Union, “The Budget Control Act of 2021: A Roadmap for Congress”. Link here.

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