Time5:30PM7:30PM EST LocationR Street Institute, 1212 New York Avenue NW, #900, DC, 20005
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Finance and Philosophy: A book talk with author Alex Pollock

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Join R Street Scholar Alex Pollock for a sneak peek at his new book, Finance and Philosophy. Get a chance to hear the book discussed, ask questions, and even purchase a copy before the release date.


  • Alex Pollock, Author & R Street Institute Distinguished Senior Fellow
  • Paul Kupiec, AEI
  • Thomas H. Stanton, Adjunct Faculty, Johns Hopkins University

Book description:

Finance and Philosophy provides a concise and witty account of how bankers and financial regulators think, of the alleged causes of the cycles of booms and busts, of the implicit and often un-thought-out assumptions shaping retirement finance, fiat money, corporate governance. Pollock deftly shows how poorly bankers have measured the risk their banks have been exposed to. With candor and clarity, he uncovers the persistent and unavoidable uncertainty inherent in the business of banking. We learn that a banker’s confidence in his ability to measure banking risk accurately is the lure which has repeatedly led to bank failures. Pollock has a modest and compelling suggestion: Acknowledge the unavoidability of ignorance with respect to financial risk, and, in the light of this ignorance of the future, act moderately.”

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