Time11:00AM12:30PM EST
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Crisis Preparedness and Response: Preparing for the Unknown

When: February 5, 2021 11:00am-12:30pm ET
Where: Virtual



Risk assessment and strategic planning are essential to any effort to protect and enhance national security. The areas in which such analysis and planning must take place — and the extent to which such planning is necessary — are expanding rapidly, however, raising questions about what preparedness means in the 21st century national security environment.This panel will discuss the legal authorities and the ingredients for good legal advice across a range of crisis areas. In particular, the panel will examine the legal framework for federal, state and local responses — and coordination among federal, state and local authorities for preparedness — and the ingredients for good legal advice before and in crisis situations. The panel will also address cross-cutting issues, including intelligence gathering, analysis and coordination; public/private coordination; and frameworks with respect to supply chains, manufacturing, research and development.


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