Time12:00PM1:00PM EST Location2103 Rayburn House Office Building, 45 Independence Ave SW, DC, 20515
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Can Budget Reform Revive the Congress?

The federal budget process established nearly a half-century ago is technically still in place. But in practice, it has become an artifact: barely functional, frequently ignored, and rarely used as intended. Reviving responsible budgeting — a necessary step toward restoring Congress to its central place in the constitutional system — would require some fundamental reforms, and especially a new way to think about appropriations.

In the Spring 2019 issue of National Affairs, Andrew Taylor of North Carolina State University proposes a new approach to congressional budgeting, aimed at reviving a moribund institution.

Join us on June 4 at noon in room 2103 of the Rayburn House Office Building for a discussion of Taylor’s proposal and the future of budgeting in Congress.


Kevin Kosar
Vice President of the R Street Institute and Co-Founder of the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group

Molly Reynolds
Senior Fellow in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution

Andrew Taylor
Professor of Political Science in the School of Public and International Affairs at North Carolina State University

The discussion will be moderated by Yuval Levin, editor of National Affairs.

Lunch will be provided as supplies last. 

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