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Alcohol Reform – Give Me Liberty and Give Me a Drink!

While alcohol Prohibition officially ended long ago, nearly 100 years later, many states are still living with the remnants of outdated laws. This includes everything from unnecessarily high taxes and giving monopoly rights to select distributors to crazy laws preventing “sensual” labels, requiring drinks to be mixed behind a “Zion screen” and a requirement that beer be sold only lukewarm.

It would be one thing if these laws had a positive effect on society, but research suggests that they don’t. Most of the time, strict alcohol control regimes mean higher prices without necessarily cutting down on alcohol-attributable deaths or other negative social outcomes.

Join the Mackinac Center for Public Policy at a virtual event on Tuesday, October 20 to learn about some of the laws on the books nationally and in Michigan and what reforms should be made to change them.

We will open with remarks by Mackinac Center President Joseph Lehman, followed by our featured speakers Jarrett Dieterle, author of Give Me Liberty and Give Me a Drink, and Mackinac Center Senior Director of Fiscal Policy Michael LaFaive.

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