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After SolarWinds: Dual Hatting & Implications for A Cybersecurity Strategy

When: Jan. 14, 2021 4:00-5:00pm ET
Where: Virtual


As one of the biggest cyberattacks to have targeted the US government and private industry in recent years, the ‘SolarWinds hack’ revealed significant implications for future government cybersecurity strategies. Despite SolarWinds software’s broad use across the federal government, private-sector companies including FireEye, Microsoft, and GoDaddy were the first to discover and counter this attack. Was the success of this cyber-espionage a failure of US Cyber Command’s (USCC) “defend forward” strategy? Does the SolarWinds hack support abolishing the practice of dual-hatting the USCC Commander and Director of the NSA? The Institute for Security and Technology (IST) will host this debate on these critical questions and assess the implications of the SolarWinds hack on the U.S. government’s role in cybersecurity defense and a broader national cybersecurity strategy.



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