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A Future for American Conservatism

American conservatism stands at a crossroads. Launched after the 2016 elections, the American Project is arguing for a reimagined communitarian conservatism (or a “conservatism of connection”) in public policy and political rhetoric is the best way forward.

Originally planned as a summer conference here on our Malibu campus, “The Quest for Community: A Future for American Conservatism” has now transitioned to a series of webinars with leading thinkers, activists and policymakers exploring the implications of renewing our appreciation for this long standing tradition in conservative thought and policy. Deriving our title from the late sociologist Robert Nisbet’s foundational book, The Quest for Community, this series will discuss the current day implications of this work—what it means for today’s policy and politics.

This is part of a webinar series with the American Project at Pepperdine University’s School of Public Policy. Tony Mills, our Director of Science Policy, is a senior fellow at the policy school and an advisor to the Project

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