From The Christian Science Monitor:

“We have indubitably, over the last 120 years, seen a significant amount of power shift over to the executive branch, frequently at the expense of Congress,” says Kevin Kosar, a former Congressional Research Service analyst who is now vice president of policy at the R Street Institute. “Being really forceful with the executive branch requires unity,” he adds. “And that’s just harder [for Congress] to forge.”

Still, it’s important to push the subpoena issue, says Mr. Kosar, even if it is a lengthy quest and the Trump administration spends the next two years refusing to cooperate with congressional overseers. 

“I’m confident the Republic will stand. It’s not going to collapse into a parliamentary quasi-autocracy,” he says. But the refusal to respond to subpoenas “absolutely is concerning and we should call it out. Otherwise people are just going to keep doing it.”

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