From WFTV9:

“The delta variant is just extremely contagious and much more contagious than the previous variants that we’ve seen,” said Chelsea Boyd, an epidemiology and harm reduction expert with the R-Street Institute. “We are trying to slow down the spread in places of lower vaccination and protect people who cannot be vaccinated or have compromised immune systems.”

Boyd said the challenge in combating this wave is explaining to people the need to resume safety precautions, including masking, even if they are fully vaccinated.

She notes that while a fully vaccinated person may not show symptoms of the virus, they can still spread the virus. But she added that reintroducing masks may be difficult.

“I think people are fatigued from all of the health information that comes their way and their fatigued from the pandemic,” Boyd said. “Now we have to try and regroup now that there is another wave coming our way.”

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