From WFTV9:

“The numbers that we saw (in April) weren’t as bad as people thought they were because they reflected people being put on temporary furlough,” said Jonathan Bydlak, the director of fiscal and budget policy for the R-Street Institute. “You are seeing two phenomena happen at the same time. One is that workers who were furloughed early on are coming back to work in certain areas of the country, like New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, areas that were hit really hard by the coronavirus early on.”

This is the second straight month of job gains across the country; however, the nation still has 15 million fewer jobs now than in February and economists caution that not all the jobs that were lost will return.

“You also have the phenomenon of permanent job losses and those numbers have continued to go up, and so you are sort of masking in a sense the permanent picture,” Bydlak said.

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