Prohibition may have been 100 years ago, but some of the craziest booze laws on the books still get in the way of Americans enjoying the right to produce, consume and sell the booziest beverages.

That’s why the R Street Institute launched a new narrative podcast today called The Right to Drink hosted by Jarrett Dieterle, director of our Commercial Freedom program, editor of and author of Give Me Liberty and Give Me a Drink! (Artisan Books).

Over five episodes, Dieterle will introduce listeners to brewers, distillers and bartenders who help answer questions like: Why does your cocktail cost so much? Why do brewers get in trouble for putting swear words on beer bottles? Why do so many states ban happy hour? What’s with alcohol delivery on demand? And what do you really know about moonshine?

The podcast is also a perfect pairing with Dieterle’s new book for those who want to dip their toes into the history and laws deciding what, where, when and how much you can drink.

“Pretty much everyone enjoys having a drink now and then—especially in 2020, the Year of Infinite Pain,” says Dieterle. “But too often the government makes that harder than it has to be, and on The Right to Drink we’ll dive into everything that gets in the way of partaking in some liquid happiness.”

In the first episode, listeners will meet America’s first mother-daughter distilling duo—and hear first-hand how government regulators can make it more difficult for many Americans to fulfill their dream of starting a small business in the alcohol industry.

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