From On Point with Tom Ashbrook:

Epic snows in my backyard lately, in Boston.  Six feet-plus in a month, and it’s still coming.  The most ever recorded coming down that fast.  It’s been paralyzing.  And very costly.  Exposing all kinds of infrastructure problems you would never think of on a gentle day in May.  That’s what extreme weather does, whether it’s blizzard or drought or hurricane or deluge.  Paralyzes.  Costs a lot.  And can take apart an economy.  Now American business is paying attention.  To climate change.  This hour On Point:  extreme weather and its mounting consequences for the economic bottom line.

– Tom Ashbrook


Laurie Johnson, chief economist in the climate center at the Natural Resources Defense Council. (@laurietjohnson)

RJ Lehmann, senior fellow, editor-in-chief and co-founder of the R Street Institute. (@raylehmann)

Frank Nutter, president of the Reinsurance Association of America. (@franknutter)

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