From National Journal Daily Extra AM:

I think it s worth acknowledging the reality that this definitely makes passage more difficult, said Caleb Watney, a technology-policy associate at the libertarian R Street Institute. I think McConnell certainly has an excuse in his back pocket now, if he wants to get out of it.

But Watney warned that such accidents even if they are inevitable are difficult for policymakers to discount so easily. Sunday s accident, he said, reminded him of the fatal 2016 crash of a Tesla Model S when the driver was utilizing the vehicle s semiautonomous Autopilot feature.

That s still brought up at almost every single panel discussion about driverless cars several years later, and that wasn’t even a fully driverless car, said Watney. So I can only imagine that the first fatality from a car in autonomous mode is going to continue to have ripples for a long time to come.

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