From The New York Post:

…However, Professor Jillian Snider of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, a 13-year veteran of the NYPD who retired in 2019, told The Post that Mayor Adams and Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Phil Banks are hurting morale by “failing to give [Sewell] a reputable seat at the table,” thus undermining her authority.

“They haven’t given her enough of a platform to execute her own decision-making capabilities,” Snider said. Sewell’s appointment “was a groundbreaking moment for women in the NYPD and it’s discouraging that she’s not able to fulfill the role for which she was appointed.”

One example was earlier this month when the NYPD scrapped the timed 1.5 mile run for academy recruits — against Sewell’s wishes.

“I think what former [NYPD training] Chief Juanita Holmes did to Sewell was disrespectful. She circumvented the office of the police commissioner and went right to the mayor. We make up a small percentage of officers and we’re supposed to stick together,” Snider said…