From Sacramento Business Journal:

Sacramento prevailed over San Francisco and San Diego in a ranking of transportation friendliness for smartphone-app ridesharing plus taxis and limousines. Remarkably, the city of Fresno nearly topped the list of 50 cities.

The Ridescore report by conservative think tank R Street Institute graded cities for their regulatory approach to for-hire transportation. Sacramento received a B grade and was docked for its cap on the number of taxis that are allowed to operate in the city, which “undermines competition and ultimately hurts consumers,” wrote the report’s authors.

San Francisco and San Diego lost points for a medallion system that limits taxi entrants, while Fresno placed third among U.S. cities for its more “unrestricted” approach to taxis. The Central Valley city finished third behind Washington, D.C. and Minneapolis. The bottom place finisher was Las Vegas.

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