WASHINGTON (Aug. 15, 2013) – The R Street Institute today announced the launch of a major new research and outreach project centered on urban affairs, with particular focus on pro-development and market-oriented land use and regulatory policies in the District of Columbia.

Kicking off its efforts, the institute has assumed responsibility for In My Backyard – D.C., an R Street project to support a livable, walkable district where development is welcome. The initiative seeks to counter the “not in my backyard” approach embodied by existing rules and regulations that hinder economic development and the growth of vibrant neighborhoods in the district.

Founded in January 2013 by Columbia Heights resident Michael Hamilton, who has joined R Street as an associate policy analyst, the IMBYdc site will serve as a place where reform-minded citizens can find news and analysis on such local development issues as D.C.’s  Height Act, liquor license moratorium, publicly financed stadiums and proposed regulations of food trucks and innovative taxi services.

“Joining R Street will give IMBYdc greater resources to accomplish the goal of a more interesting and affordable Washington, D.C.,” Hamilton said. “Working together, we will be able to focus on a wider spectrum of policies and projects. This will allow us more opportunities to oppose nimbyism in every part of the district.”

In line with R Street’s commitment to deep focus and broad coalitions, the institute also will look to partner with other local groups and individuals – from both the political left and right – who share our commitment to identifying and eliminating government restrictions that impede the creation of jobs, affordable housing and smart transportation options in the District of Columbia.

“The R Street Institute’s predecessor organization was founded as a D.C.-focused free-market think tank, and it was always our intention to keep local D.C. issues as part of our research portfolio,” R Street President Eli Lehrer said. “While our mission has changed and expanded, we proudly remain a D.C-based organization, and this project offers us the opportunity to apply the lessons we’ve learned in analyzing state and federal programs to the city where we live and work.”

IMBYdc can be found on Twitter and Facebook, and interested parties can sign up for regular email updates here or click here to donate. Contributions to R Street are usually tax-deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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