SACRAMENTO, Calif. (September 21) – The R Street Institute applauds the California DMV’s decision to hold a public workshop on Friday, October 19 for the development of regulations related to autonomous light-duty delivery vehicles. With this step, California moves toward a day in which such vehicles will become a common sight on the state’s roads.

“Autonomous delivery vehicles are an exciting prospect for consumers and safety advocates alike,” R Street Senior Fellow Ian Adams said. “The California DMV is wise to begin this process through a public workshop. Hopefully, we can make real progress towards the creation of a legal framework that balances the need for innovation and safety. To maintain California’s leadership in the autonomous vehicle space, they must create a feasible path to market for autonomous delivery systems.”

While this workshop will only examine rules for autonomous delivery trucks under 10,001 pounds, the DMV would be wise to also begin considering rules governing vehicles above this threshold, given the important role that autonomous semi-trucks will play in building the delivery and shipment routes of tomorrow.


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