As part of a continuing series of stakeholder discussions aimed at addressing the justice reform movements in states and localities nationwide, R Street’s justice and national security policy director Arthur Rizer held a salon dinner in Nashville on December 7th, during ALEC’s State’s and Nation Policy Summit.

The event brought together representatives and justice policy experts from both state and national think tanks, advocacy groups, and foundations spanning the political spectrum to discuss ongoing and future reforms in Nashville.

The discussion focused on four different agenda items. First, participants examined pretrial reform and addressed common barriers to jail reform across municipalities and state legislatures. Policing reform, primarily on the implications of militarization, as well as juvenile justice issues, were also primary topics of interest. Finally, the dialogue centered on how best to cement existing reforms in instances of “tough on crime” backlash.

Attendees included: Lauren Krisai (Reason Foundation), Craig DeRoche and Kate Trammell (Prison Fellowship), Julie Warren (Right on Crime), Jenna Moll (Justice Action Network), Ron Shultis (Beacon Center of Tennessee), Michael Leland and Ken Hardy (Pew Charitable Trusts), Cameron Smith, Ian Adams, and Alan Smith (R Street Institute), Brianna Walden (Charles Koch Institute), Sal Nuzzo (James Madison Institute), and Daniel Dew (Buckeye Institute).


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