From Politics in Question:

On this week’s episode of Politics In Question, Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson join Julia, Lee, and James to consider the secret behind Republicans’ electoral success. Hacker is the Stanley Resor Professor of Political Science at Yale University and the Director of Yale’s Institution for Social and Policy Studies. Pierson is the John Gross Professor of Political Science at the University of California at Berkeley. Hacker and Pierson have co-authored several books including, most recently, Let Them Eat Tweets: How the Right Rules in an Age of Extreme Inequality (Liveright 2020).

What is wrong with America’s political institutions? How does extreme inequality threaten them? What is the so-called conservative dilemma? And what happened to the Republican Party? These are some of the questions Jacob, Paul, Julia, Lee, and James ask in this week’s episode.

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