From In Stitches:

Shon Hopwood is a lot of things – Supreme Court lawyer, Georgetown Law professor, criminal justice reform champion, father, husband, and man of faith. Yet, he’s probably still known best for an identity far removed from the man he is today: a bank robber.

In this episode of In Stitches, we explore Shon’s story, from robbing banks to spending a decade in prison to becoming an influential criminal justice reform advocate.

Shon’s story goes far beyond a cinematic tale of redemption. It’s a story of the power derived from regaining a sense of purpose.

It’s a story of a man’s tireless efforts to serve others and be defined by all the good he’s done, rather than the bad choices he made as a 21 year old. And, it’s a story full of humor – Shon says it well in the interview: “it was funny in hindsight, not in the moment.”

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Shon Hopwood (Featured Guest)

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PJ Walsh (Host, Producer)

Sam Pressler (Host, Producer)

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Matt Condon (Communications, Producer)

Kristen Howard (Communications, Producer)

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