Happy New Year’s Eve!

Tonight, while you’re too busy getting wasted on cheap champagne and arguing with your Uber driver over surge pricing to notice, the Obama administration will be busily printing up and presenting 1,200 new regulations for congressional approval.

The Obama administration is cramming like a college student trying to study for a final exam, publishing more than 1,200 new regulations in the last 15 days alone, according to data from Regulations.gov.

Energy and environment rules are the biggest category, with 139 published by the federal government in the last 15 days, according to Regulations.gov.

One of the most contentious new regulations is the EPA’s coal ash rule. The rule has been criticized by the coal industry and environmental groups — though for entirely different reasons — and has a price tag of up to $20.3 billion. The rule was finalized last Friday.

Believe it or not, printing and presenting only 1,200 rules is actually considered slacking for the Obama admin, but honestly, after all of the regulations they’ve printed and presented this year – all $200 billion worth of them – there really wasn’t much left to regulate. Plus, according to sources, the Obama admin regulatory plan for 2015 is a veritable masterpiece of governmental interference, and they’d prefer that you paid attention to that one. 

So enjoy that hydraulic fracturing while you can, America. It’s going to be a very interesting new year.

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