Over the last decade, the price of naloxone, a medication used to reverse the effects of opioids and prevent overdoses, has skyrocketed. One naloxone delivery system, Evizo, was priced at $690 in 2014 but is $4,500 today, a price increase of more than 500 percent, which makes it impossible for most Americans to access.

In response, Connecticut lawmakers have proposed legislation that could help stabilize the price of this life-saving medication.

While not a panacea for the country’s opioid crisis, this legislation seeks to bring transparency to the realm of drug pricing. In the case of naloxone, it might give pause to manufacturers considering price hikes. Hopefully, this could provoke important conversations and shift the thought process from profit to people –- a critical step in the right direction.

Public frustration in the face of rising prescription drug prices has materialized in state and federal legislation expanding the availability of naloxone, but none of these initiatives addresses the drug’s rising cost.

If passed, HB 5384 could set a trend and shift toward accountability and fairness in drug pricing.


Image credit: Tomas Nevesely

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