From The Times and Democrat:

Anthony Lamorena is a government affairs specialist at the R Street Institute. Writing for, he says, “The sad truth is it is hard to determine the true extent of the crisis facing the Biden administration. In fact, the lack of transparency is especially troubling since there seems to be no regular access when it comes to covering what is going on in these locations.”

So what can be done about illegal immigrants flooding the border? Lamorena states:

“Politicians should drop the holier-than-thou act when it comes to detaining immigrants because both parties share some of the blame. Instead, they need to come together on bipartisan legislation that will address important solutions such as heightened accountability and even expanded access to work visas, which can help lower the number of illegal border crossings. There are also conservative alternatives to solving this issue like restoring prosecutorial discretion for immigration cases. This president and future ones should stop ruling by executive order and get down to the hard work of passing good, long-lasting immigration policy reform.”

With agreement in Washington nearly impossible to come by on issues far less contentious than immigration, it seems unlikely that the long-promised and much-needed immigration reform will happen. The blame game will continue.

But there is a key point made by Lamorena that should be remembered: “As the border crisis continues, we must keep in mind that America is a nation of immigrants. Many U.S. citizens either came here themselves or had ancestors immigrate to pursue their dream of a better life. The Statue of Liberty has long been that beacon of hope for immigrants with her tablet saying, ‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.’ These words should serve as a reminder of the hope and optimism life in America can bring.”

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