From WWNC 570 News Radio:

The North Carolina Republican Party held its state convention this weekend, and R Street Institute’s Shoshanna Weissman gave a speech about “campaigning in cities, what’s worked, what hasn’t, and policies that win.”

Republicans are losing the city vote. Once the party of the big city mayor, Republicans now control only three mayoral seats and fewer than roughly 20% of the city council seats in the top 25 most highly populated cities. It’s a trend that doesn’t bode well for the party’s future electoral success, given the tremendous population growth and density in urban centers.

Weissman has written about this topic for years.

Among the changes the GOP must make are no longer ignoring cities, more fully embracing our founding principles, and including more heart in our messaging.

What unites the GOP in principle includes free markets, the Constitution, and the promise of opportunity. These are principles too often absent from the leadership of city governments.

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