Our water supply.

We often take these critical infrastructure systems for granted, but they’re all becoming increasingly dependent on the internet to function.

In Hack the Plant, podcast host Bryson Bort looks for answers to questions about whether connecting these systems to the internet leaves us more vulnerable to attacks by our enemies. Bort is a military veteran and national security senior fellow at the R Street Institute who also spends his time between work on the frontlines of cyber defense and ICS Village, a nonprofit that equips industry experts and policymakers with the tools to better defend our critical infrastructure.

“An attack on our critical infrastructure, the degradation to the point that they can no longer support us, means that we go back to the stone age, literally overnight,” said Bort.

Each month, he will introduce listeners to hackers, insiders and government figures working at the intersection of cybersecurity and public safety to protect the systems we rely upon every day. It is a podcast aimed at experts and policy staff who want to know who to talk with to fix our nation’s cybersecurity problems.

Season 1 of Hack the Plant releases on the last Monday of every month and the first two guests include:

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