From Federal News Radio:

President Donald Trump has pledged to construct a wall and drain a swamp, but what can he do for the federal buildings?

Some say Trump, a businessman who’s built hotels, resorts and golf courses around the world, could be just the person the federal government needs to help balance its real property ledger.

“I think different presidents coming in are going to have different levels of interest in the topic, and I would say of all the presidents we’ve had in the last 20 or 30 years, I would think Trump would be most interested in this topic,” said R Street Institute Senior Fellow Kevin Kosar. “He has the experience in developing a federal property. Also, the whole spirit of his campaign has been that you’ve got to get government out of a lot of the stuff it’s been in to. There’s clear data showing that the government has properties it doesn’t need. It has buildings it doesn’t need and it’s spending more money to keep them up.”

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