When considering new science-based regulations, regulators are typically faced with imperfect information and must rely on past practices to weigh potentially conflicting information and establish useful regulations. Similarly, in the courtroom, trial judges are frequently tasked with weighing scientific evidence to determine what will be presented at trial, with little outside assistance. This challenge is most notable in multi-district litigation (MDL). Although designed to gather consistent rulings and conserve judicial resources, the MDL process presents many challenges to judges and litigants—impacting litigation strategy, settlement and potential trial results.

Join the R Street Institute for an invigorating discussion about the importance of incorporating high-quality science in policymaking. The event will cover how scientific evidence is used in court decisions and how regulators examine scientific quality when making decisions. Panelists will also suggest policy adjustments to improve existing guidelines for incorporating science into policymaking.

Keynote Address

Panel 1: The Role of Science in Regulation

Panel 2: Scientific Evidence in the Courtroom

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