When: March 3, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm ET
Where: Virtual



The 2020 election led to claims that the result was rigged and littered with vote fraud. What do the voters truly think? Extensive new polling conducted by the R Street Institute takes a deep dive into the Republican electorate, with a particular emphasis on six swing states. The poll provides significant insight on issues ranging from mail-in voting and drop boxes to nonpartisan redistricting and campaign finance reform.

Join us as Jonathan Bydlak, head of R Street’s Governance program, sits down with pollster Ryan Tyson to shed light on the findings, as well as Steven Greenhut, senior fellow and lead author of R Street’s new paper, “The Case Against Restricting Voting Access.”

Additional Reading

  • R Street Institute, “The Case Against Restricting Voting Access”. Link here.

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