From Western New England University Law Review:


The enduring global COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of our home, school, financial, and work lives. Social media platforms as well as financial platforms are at the center of these vital activities. Demands for self-regulation and government regulation of platforms abound to address the spread of misinformation, stock market manipulation, and corporate power to “regulate” speech.

This symposium aims to begin a larger conversation about approaches to regulation of digital platforms, at a time when they are rapidly gaining significance, and the issues they create are becoming increasingly complex. “By bringing together experts of varying backgrounds and disciplines, we desire to unpack the complexities,” says WNE School of Law Professor Jennifer Taub. “Analyzing and discussing potential solutions to these problems will assist people in understanding how the modern-day soapbox impacts our everyday lives. We are hosting this symposium to jump-start the conversation through informed, respectful, and vigorous discussion.”

For a full list of panelists, including prominent scholars, activists, and local practitioners, please visit the Western New England Law Review Facebook page or visit the Western New England Law Review Symposiums page at

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