From R Street Institute:

The U.S.-China economic relationship is the most important commercial relationship in the world right now. From the proliferation of tariffs, export controls and investment restrictions, the Biden administration inherited from the Trump administration an increasingly fraught relationship with China. A robust debate among policymakers and analysts is underway about whether a productive bilateral trade and investment relationship will be possible in the coming years and what the contours of such relationship ought to look like.

In a new paper entitled “Outcompeting Beijing: A Roadmap for Meeting China’s Commercial Challenges,” R Street Resident Fellow Clark Packard surveys the U.S.-China economic relationship as it exists and finds fault with some of Beijing’s commercial practices; explains why the Trump administration’s aggressive tariffs failed to induce change in China while proving costly to American consumers; and provides policymakers with a slew of concrete international and domestic policy responses that will help Washington improve its competitiveness vis-a-vis China.

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