From Hewlett Foundation:

I Am The Cavalry co-founder Beau Woods explained to Vox what cyber targets Tehran might be circling while Aspen Tech Policy Hub Director Betsy Cooper spoke to The Washington Post about how the attacks could spread out over a number of months and R Street Institute Director of National Security & Cybersecurity Jim Baker spoke to Air Force Magazine about how Iranian cyber forces could hit U.S. digital targets all over the world.

R Street Institute National Security & Cybersecurity fellows Kathryn Waldron and Kristen Nyman co-authored testimony on potential international security issues resulting from emerging telecommunication technologies for a UN working group.

The encryption battle is heating up again and R Street Institute Director of National Security & Cybersecurity Jim Baker offered his thoughts on why encryption matters to The Washington Post for a story about how the “FBI asks Apple for help cracking Pensacola gunman’s iPhones.”

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